Stephanie Newton’s latest album, On My Best Day, is a collection of songs that reflect a deepened faith as she reveals where she is on her journey as a songwriter, worship leader, wife and mother of three.

“The title track expresses a point in my life where I came to grips with the fact that it’s okay and normal to have doubt as part of faith,” says Stephanie. “I read somewhere that doubt is not the opposite of faith, but certainty is. If we had certainty we wouldn’t need faith. On my best day I’m a mix of faith and doubt, but the good news is that God works with my tiny mustard seed of faith and grows it beyond what I could have imagined.”

Stephanie also explores how easily we put faith in material things and depend on our own efforts instead of relying on God in the pop/rock flavored Castles. Fix Your Eyes, co-written with Nashville songwriter Luke Brown, and a cover of the Hillsong hit Oceans reflect Stephanie’s passion for worship.

From lighthearted pop tunes such as Mirror, to tender ballads inspired by her family such as The Tie That Binds and I Hope You Know, the album is a colorful and honest portrait of this songwriter’s heart.

“Stephanie really delved deep for this record,” remarks Stephanie’s longtime producer and president of Creative Soul Records, in association with Word Entertainment in Nashville, TN. “We really looked for the kind of stuff that you can write whole sermons and books about. Real life stuff that she lives with each day. One song we wrote for this album was inspired by Stephanie’s reading of theologian N.T. Wright’s description of how God has designed the world in his book Simply Christian.”

The web He’s weaving
The great deceiving will come to an end
Intricate tapestry
One day we all will be with Him again
And all our believing, all our conceiving
One day earth and heaven will all be connected
By the web He is weaving
(From “The Web He’s Weaving“, written by Stephanie Newton and Eric Copeland.)

Stephanie sees this album as a slight departure from her previous work. “I’m in a different season than my first album, Fairytale Life. My kids are not babies anymore and I’m earnestly trying to keep up with them as they grow and look to me for the ‘big questions’. Sometimes I look at the world and it’s hard to make sense of things. But I know that God holds us in His hand and on the other side of eternity we will be able to see the web that God is weaving among us.

Stephanie resides in Roswell, Georgia with her husband and three daughters. If you’d like to host Stephanie for a concert or book her for your event, contact her at info@stephanienewton.com

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